What Sets Us Apart

Creating Generations of Smiles – One Child at a Time!

For Dr. Brian J. Saunders and our team, pediatric dentistry is about more than kids’ teeth: We care about each child as an individual and provide personalized service to them and their parents.

Our focus on prevention and education, while maintaining a fun, safe environment, ensures every child develops positive feelings about dentistry. As they grow up, we reinforce those positive feelings with support, encouragement, and worry-free visits.

Our patients graduate to a general dentist with optimal oral health, good dental hygiene habits, and feeling confident to maintain their healthy smiles!

Unparalleled Experience

Our pediatric dental office has served children from Yorba Linda and surrounding communities since 2000. We are honored to be known for providing personalized service and for the extensive experience of Dr. Saunders and our staff. We truly consider our patients to be part of our family and care for each with respect and compassion!

What’s Different at Our Practice?

  • Personalized Service and Connections: We believe in providing each child and their family with a completely individualized experience at each visit. In listening to parents’ expectations and carefully assessing the child’s oral health, we design every procedure and each interaction to provide the best experience and results.
  • Minimally-Invasive Dental Care: Dr. Saunders is a proponent of minimally-invasive dentistry, with a focus on preventing problems through education and establishing good dental hygiene behaviors. When an issue occurs, he emphasizes conservative treatment that is comfortable, efficient, and effective.
  • Privately-Owned Practice: As an independent pediatric dental office, we have the freedom to manage our schedule, ensuring each patient is seen on time and never rushed through a visit. Likewise, we are not driven to push particular treatments or procedures, so Dr. Saunders can care for each patient as he would his own family.
  • Dental Hygienists: Unlike many pediatric dental practices, which assign Dental Assistants to provide children’s cleanings, we employ Dental Hygienists. The hygienists’ advanced training and knowledge ensures more thorough and comfortable care, and their ability to connect with and teach children about dental health is unparalleled!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Dr. Saunders and our team invite you to schedule a complimentary visit for your child at our Yorba Linda, CA pediatric dental office. This visit is a time for us to get to know each other and for your child to start to acclimate to the dental environment with no pressure or worry. Instead, we’ll show them around, get them laughing, and start teaching them about taking care of their teeth!

We’re excited to meet you and your young family members; please, schedule your child's consultation, today!